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A dental emergency can be scary. It causes pain and endangers the integrity of your teeth. Trust Diane Tran, DMD, of Woodbury Family Dentistry to help should you need emergency dental care. Residents of the Orlando, Florida, community can call the office or book an immediate appointment online when a dental emergency arises.

Emergency Dentist Q & A

What qualifies as a dental emergency?

You’ll need emergency care if you experience any of the following:

  • Severe pain in your teeth or gums
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Lost crowns or fillings
  • Tooth infections and abscesses

If you’re having any of these symptoms, call the office or just come by during office hours. The staff is able to accommodate you in case of an emergency.

What type of care is involved in emergency dental treatment?

Your treatment is specific to the injury.

Knocked-out tooth

If you’ve knocked out a tooth, clean off any dirt but keep the root intact. Preserve it in milk or hold it in your cheek or in the socket as you make your way to the office. The sooner you get to Woodbury Family Dentistry, the better chance it can be successfully re-implanted.

Cracked teeth

When you feel a tooth has cracked, rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water. Apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek to reduce swelling.

Bit lip or tongue

A severe laceration such as a deep bite to the lip or inside of the cheek needs to be cleaned with a warm water rinse. Apply an ice pack to the outer cheek area to minimize swelling and contact the office, especially if you think you might need stitches.

Severe toothaches

Severe toothaches can indicate a dental emergency like a severe infection. Rinse your mouth with warm water and contact Woodbury Family Dentistry for the soonest appointment.

How do I prevent dental emergencies?

Of course, you can’t prevent all accidents, but you can take precautions to minimize your risk of having a dental emergency.

Steps you might take include:

  • Wearing a mouth guard during contact sports

  • Not chewing hard candy, ice, and unpopped corn kernels

  • Avoiding using your teeth as a tool to open packages or tear items

Proper dental hygiene and regular visits to Woodbury Family Dentistry also keeps you clear of infection, which often can become an emergency.

Emergencies aren’t always avoidable. If you do experience one that endangers your oral health, Dr. Tran is available to help. Call the office or schedule an immediate appointment online.