About Dentures

Dentures are often a difficult topic for people to discuss. It can be embarrassing for many patients to be able to talk with friends and family about their dental health and for these reasons, dentures may also be surrounded in your mind with a negative stigma.

However, dentures are a normal part of many people’s lives, and when you are empowered with the right knowledge, you can feel confident that you are making the best decisions for your dental health.

Dentures tend to increase a person’s quality of life through an improved appearance, reduced or eliminated pain, and the restored ability to eat the foods that they enjoy. While getting dentures can be a huge benefit for many patients, there are some things that may limit the success of dentures.

How Long Should Dentures Last?

Many patients believe that their dentures should last for the rest of their lifetime, but since dentures can wear out over time through use and cleaning, they should be checked annually. While the base of the denture typically doesn’t change, our gums can change due to additional atrophy of the bone or wear which can cause the denture to fit poorly over time.

While there is no hard and fast rule for how long a denture should last, it should be replaced if the fit becomes loose or uncomfortable. Annual visits may be able to make minor adjustments to the denture fit, but at some point, replacement is the only option.


The decision to purchase dentures is often a difficult one for patients to make. However, when patients receive their dentures, the immediate effects are generally positive. People feel that they can go in public again without being self-conscious which can improve their quality of life. If you are considering dentures, please contact your dentist today to discuss your options.

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