Staining Foods

Based on the article written in the TODAY'S FDA journal

In today's society a brighter and whiter smile can help you feel confident and bring success to both your professional and personal life.

What potential foods can cause your white smile to dim?

Citric or Acidic Foods: can create a yellowish tint by eroding the enamel and exposing the underlying yellow dentin

Coffee, Tea and Red Wine- contain Tannins that causes stains and discoloration

Sweets: bacteria eats the sugars creating acid that can lead to tooth decay

Soda: Carbonated beverage is acidic that can lead to holes in the teeth whether its sugar or sugar free.

Blueberries, Blackberries and Pomegrantes: high in antioxidants but rich in pigments that causes stains on teeth.

White Wine: contains acid that can create holes in the teeth.

Alexandra Duron

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